The 4th IICMA 2019

September 25, 2019

Parallel Session Schedule

Session 1
No Time Submission Number Name Title
13.00-13.45 Invited speaker : Dr. Ikha Magdalena
1 13.45-14.00 Adecar Nugroho, Ikha Magdalena Hydrodynamic model for investigating the impact of reclamation Islands in Jakarta Bay to Mangrove Ecosystem in the Area
2 14.00-14.15 87 Felicia Joanna Sutjianto, Ikha Magdalena and Dominic Reeve Numerical Model for Run-Up and Overtopping of Regular Waves
3 14.15-14.30 Alvedian Mauditra Aulia Matin, Ikha Magdalena Analytical and Numerical Studies of Rectangular and Trapezoidal Submerged Breakwater on The Reduction of Incident Wave Amplitude
4 14.30-14.45 88 Hany Q. Rif’atin, Ikha Magdalena and Dominic E. Reeve Effect of Composite-sloped Submerged Trapezoidal Breakwater on Wave Transmission
5 15.00-15.15 64 Tarmizi Tarmizi, Evi Safitri, Said Munzir and Marwan Ramli Numerical Solutions of One-Dimensional Heat Equations
6 15.15-15.30 67 Sumardi Sumardi Numerical simulation of pulsatile flow of blood in stenosed artery by finite difference method.
8 15.45-16.00 76 Fitri Nur Hidayah, Yundari and Mariatul Kiftiah SOLVE NONLINEAR EQUATION SYSTEM USING MIDPOINT METHOD

Session 1
No Time Submission Number Name Title
1 08.00-08.15 21 Muhammad Firman Annur, Jeliana Intan Permata, Siti Suprihatiningsih, Rizki Nurhana Friantini and Bernadeta Ritawati DATA ANALYSIS FOR POVERTY IN WEST BORNEO USING STOCHASTIC DOMINANCE METHOD WITH JACKKNIFE RESAMPLING
2 08.15-08.30 25 Junita Amalia, Purhadi and Bambang Widjanarko Otok Application of Geographically Weighted Bivariate Poisson Inverse Gaussian Regression
3 08.30-08.45 80 Arief Fatchul Huda, Arya Wira Syahwinata and Donita Ummi Safitri Arabic Handwriting Character Recognizing Using KPCA Feature Extraction dan SVM Classification Algorithm
4 08.45-09.00 85 Siti Aprizkiyandari, Anang Kurnia and Indahwati Indahwati Small Area Estimation Application for Unemployment Rate
5 09.00-09.15 68 Yundari Yundari, Setyo Wira Rizki and Shantika Martha A Parameter Estimation of Survival Model under Bayesian SELF Approach to Enhance k-years Endowment Premium
6 09.15-09.30 42 Widiarti Widiarti, Dhenty Dwi Oktafiani and Dian Kurniasari A Study of Mean Squared Error of Empirical Best Linear Unbiased Prediction and Spatial Empirical Best Linear Unbiased Prediction Methods in Small Area Estimation
  09.45-10.30 Invited speaker : Dadan Kusnandar, Ph.D.
Session 2
No Time Submission Number Name Title
1 13.00-13.15 40 Denny Riama Silaban, Kiki Ariyanti Sugeng and Hirawati Lubis Rainbow Connection Number of Corona of Complete Graph
2 13.15-13.30 56 Sandi Budiyanto, Suarsih Utama and Siti Aminah Characteristic Polynomial and Eigenvalues of Antiadjacency Matrix of Directed Cyclic Dumbbell Graph
3 13.30-13.45 65 Putra Yudha Pranata, Mariatul Kiftiah and Fransiskus Fran Star Number of Flower Graphs
4 13.45-14.00 71 Dorotea Rahmawati, Fransiskus Fran, Yudhi and Dedy Krisantoni Total Rainbow Connection Number of n-Centipede Graph and its Line, Quadratic, and Middle Graph
5 14.00-14.15 74 Brella Glysentia Vilgalita, Fransiskus Fran, Helmi and Dany Riansyah Putra Rainbow Vertex Connection Number of Central, Glue and Middle Graph of Brush Graph

Session 1
No Time Submission Number Name Title
1 08.00-08.15 43 Eridani Young’s Inequality Revisited
2 08.15-08.30 46 Dewi Kartika Sari, Lee Peng-Yee and Zhao Dongsheng Topologies on The Two-Normed Spaces
3 08.30-08.45 49 S. Nugraheni and C. R. Indrati Properties of Orlicz-Sobolev Space on Domain with Cone Condition
4 08.45-09.00 72 Supriyadi Wibowo and Vika Yugi Kurniawan The Relationship Between F^α-Absolutely Continuous of Order α∈(0,1) and Function of Bounded Variation
Session 2
No Time Submission Number Name Title
  13.00-13.45 Invited speaker : Prof. Dr. Khairil A. Notodiputro 
1 13.45-14.00 20 Syalam Wira Dinata, Muhammad Azka and Muliady Faisal Short Term Load Forecasting Double Seasonal ARIMA Methods: An Evaluation Based on Mahakam Main Gate East Kalimantan Data
2 14.00-14.15 73 Nur’ainul Miftahul Huda, Utriweni Mukhaiyar and Udjianna Sekteria Pasaribu Forecasting Dengue Fever Cases using Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model with Outlier Factor
3 14.15-14.30 75 Brodjol Sutijo Suprih Ulama, Mike Prastuti and Pratnya Paramitha Oktaviana NEURAL FUZZY REGRESSION MODELING FOR FORECASTING
4 14.30-14.45 78  Umu Sa’adah and Budi Santosa  Data Mining: Maximal Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transform-Support Vector Regression for LQ45 Forecasting
5 14.45-15.00 62  Yekti Widyaningsih and Titin Siswantining  A Model for Clustering Binary Data and Its Application on Chronic Obstructive lung Disease (COD) patient Data
6 15.15-15.30 86  Dadan Kusnandar, Naomi Nessyana Debataraja, Ernita Saputri and Setyo Wira Rizky  MULTIPLE DISCRIMINANT ANALYSIS: A CASE STUDY IN CLASSIFYING WATER QUALITY IN PONTIANAK CITY